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Massage by Lisa

Luxury Spa

Massage Services

Neck Massage

Swedish Relaxation

60 minutes $80

90minutes $120

Aromatherapy & Hydrotherapy included.

A true 60 or 90 min Zen experience in dim lighting with minimal chit chat.  It's your time to feel the benefits of therapeutic touch and truly turn inward.  

Spa Stones

Add-Ins/Add-Ons Descriptions

Hot Stones

Smooth stones applied to the body to warm muscle/tissue or to stimulate a deep sense of calm.

Tuning Fork Therapy

Based in Eastern medicine, an activated, weighted fork painlessly vibrates into acupressure points or injury sites to assist in healing.

Sounds Therapy

Similar to forks, sound from Himalayan bowls, Chymes, Tingsha bells, and unweighted forks resonate in areas of discord in and around the body.


Massage used to relieve tension based on reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body.

Arnica Hydrotherapy

Arnica montana salve applied to the skin and warmed with hot towels to deeply sooth aching muscles.

Massage to follow.

Back Massage

Swedish with Focus

60 minute $90 

90 minute $135

Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Trigger Point therapy, & Myofascial Release included.

A 60 or 90 min goal-oriented massage with a more therapeutic approach.  The focus might be an injury, muscle soreness, chronic pain or the goal of having more range of motion in a joint, etc.  Yes, this massage can be relaxing, but interaction between client/ therapist is essential, as well as guided breathwork during therapeutic techniques. 


This is a wonderful massage

for add-ons:  

Hot Stones for specific muscle tightness, Arnica Hydrotherapy to deeply penetrate muscle adhesions, "knots" or Tuning Fork Therapy for targeted pain relief and muscle imbalances.

Hot Stones Massage

Add-Ins or Add-Ons


Specialties within your massage timeframe



Specialties adding 15 minutes to your massage


About Lisa

A dual Licensed Massage Therapist, with a BS in Kinesiology and a passion for the human body

She's an avid cyclist and also a 22 year portrait photographer/ owner of The Camera's Eye Studio in Owego, NY.  Lisa draws her experience from high-end spas and holistic practitioners in the Florida Keys and whole-heartedly enjoys marrying the Science of the human body with Sound Therapy and Spirituality. Lisa is a certified Sound Healer using Tuning Forks, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Chymes and Tingsha Bells for healing.  All things vibrate at a certain frequency. Sound therapy utilizes frequencies to penetrate human tissue and also into the energetic spaces in and around the body for the purpose of healing.  


Lisa's Philosophy: Sometimes our bodies call for stillness and gentle touch, sometimes they call for scientific modalities, and yet other times, for something from the spiritual realm of Life... If you apply the same massage to every body, you do that body an injustice. In her massage career, she delves into science, sound, and spirituality creating an awareness to know what modalities to use to personalize each massage to meet your body's needs.

Questions?  Please reach out to our therapist: 

Lisa (607)426-6023

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