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RYT-200 Hour

I discovered yoga over 8 years ago after a literal sobering experience. I took an in studio class and went back for more. Yoga helped and is still helping me find myself emotionally and spiritually. When I couldn’t make it in studio, I had an at home practice and I eventually moved my practice outdoors. 

I am an RYT-200 vinyasa graduate from Vibrant Life Studios taught by Jasmine Margreno and am Yoga Alliance certified.

I love building creative and mindful flows, smiling and laughing through successes and failures that eventually turn to wins. That’s why it’s called a practice.  

Whenever I get the chance, I love to travel and take as many different classes from as many different teachers as I can and infuse that knowledge and energy into my practices. My last destination was London and would love to go back, again and again. 

I am incredibly grateful for all the teachers that have helped guide me so far.  With that said, I am also content staying home with the cats and having our own dance party.

Jacob Aqua

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Jacob started his personal wellness and meditation practice six years ago as a way to find stillness and transformation during struggles with his mental health. He worked through many of these challenges through various lifestyle changes like mindfulness, meditation, exercise, therapy, and Western medicine.


Jacob has made it his mission to share the cultivated sense of contentment, joy, and productivity that he has experienced with as many people as possible.


At Emory University, Jacob studied how to ethically share meditation and mindfulness through technology. He then founded J. Aqua Wellness, a mindfulness coaching company, where he works one-on-one with individuals to help them bring a sense of mindfulness, self-love, and compassion into daily living.

Most recently, he created Source Wellness, a company that uses virtual and in-person means to bring mindfulness to employees and college students. Source Wellness recently worked with Amazon Web Services’ office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity to bring mindfulness to their employees worldwide. He is also working on his Masters in Mindfulness Studies at Lesley University. Jacob is incredibly excited to teach mindfulness and create community in The Valley!

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